About Leura Memorial Gardens Funeral Services

When we purchase a motor car, plan a holiday or organise a special event in our lives like a wedding, we ensure that we understand what we are buying and we satisfy ourselves that we are getting value for money.

Shouldn't the same purchase considerations apply to funeral services? At Leura Memorial Gardens we think so, which is the main reason our trained burial and cremation funeral services consultants are available 24 hours a day to answer questions.

Nestled peacefully amid the tranquil backdrop of the Blue Mountains, is Leura Memorial Gardens and Crematorium, established in 1993 by Stephen and Patricia Murphy. Leura Memorial Gardens has over 500 funeral services per year conducted in their beautiful chapel. In 1997 we opened Leura Memorial Gardens Funeral Services, now people in their time of grief, can have the peace of mind that comes from being able to make all the funeral arrangements with the one company.

Our research in the community shows that today there is a widespread need for more information about funeral services, burial and cremation costs.

Everyone at sometime in their life will most likely be asked to help in deciding on funeral arrangements. So it makes sense to familiarise ourselves with the various funeral services and costs that make up the price of a funeral. By contacting Leura Memorial Gardens, a trusted Australian owned family company, you can find out this valuable information, even now, when a purchase decision may not be necessary.

On this website we present essential consumer information that explains burial and cremation funeral services options and costs; and we offer this information in the hope that it will guide any future decisions you need to make.

"You have a right to consumer information about
funeral services and costs.
We have a responsibility to provide it"

Leura Memorial Gardens offer a wide range of funeral services in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney

Leura Memorial Gardens offer pre paid funeral plans & fixed price funeral service