What costs are involved in a Funeral Service.

Arranging a funeral is not unlike arranging a wedding. There are many choices, and many price considerations with funeral arrangements. The cost of a burial or cremation funeral depends on what choices are made and what type of coffin or casket is chosen.

The cost of a funeral includes the following:

The Professional Service Charge.

This makes available our personnel (on call 24 hours a day), our services and facilities, mortuary and cremation costs, use of our chapel, hearse and mourning coach. It also allows for administration work like preparing and inserting press notices, registration of the death and arranging cemetery, crematorium, clergy and floral tributes. Around 30 hours of labour are taken in arranging and providing a funeral service, so it is highly labour intensive.

Coffin or Casket.

As we’ve mentioned, the cost depends on the style and quality.


These include the cost of press notices, burial or cremation cost, clergy or celebrant fees and other incidental expenses.

There may be other funeral costs depending on a family’s wishes, such as burial attire & floral tributes.

Cemetery and Crematoria charges.

These charges are set by the individual organisations that control cemeteries and crematoria.

Leura Memorial Gardens Funeral Service conducts services locally, Sydney metropolitan, Country areas, Interstate and Overseas.


The cost of a funeral today. How money is spent.

To help understand burial or cremation funeral costs we’ve prepared these charts that show a breakdown of how funeral dollars are spent.

The funeral bill.
Where your money goes.

funeral services, burial, cemetery and cremation costs today


A breakdown of average Leura Memorial Gardens Funeral Service operating costs.

Average Leura Memorial Gardens Funeral Service operating costs

These burial and cremation funeral services cost breakdowns are similar to many other industries where high standards of service are involved. Funeral industry workers are subject to various wage awards and, with our commitment to a 24 hour service, high penalty rate entitlements apply.