Pre-Paid Funerals & Pre-Arrangement Services

The Leura Memorial Gardens Fixed Price Funeral Plans

Each year many people choose to arrange their Fixed Price & Pre-Paid Funerals with Leura Memorial Gardens Funeral Service. Fixed price & Pre-Paid Funerals have some worthwhile advantages.

By arranging and paying for a funeral service now, the price is fixed forever regardless of any future price increases. Monies are held in trust and are invested securely with Funeral Plan Management. For more information on pre-paid funerals, fixed-price funerals & pre-arrangement services visit

Many people feel more secure knowing that they will not be leaving behind problems or difficult decisions for those who survive them. We believe that the best time for funeral arragements is before it is needed. Then all details can be decided upon calmly without the emotional stress that generally accompanies a death and the funeral arrangements.

People have the option to pay for their Fixed Price Funeral Plan by lump sum or by instalments over a three year period.

For those who do no wish to pay in advance, we also make available our free pre-arrangement service and register.

You can find out more about the Leura Memorial Gardens Fixed Price Funeral Plan and Pre-Paid Funerals by calling one of our offices - contact.

The Leura Memorial Gardens Fixed Price Funeral Plan fully complies with current state legislation in N.S.W.

In 1960, the average cost of a funeral was $350, in 1990, it was $1,999, in 2005, it was between $3,900 and $5,700. By 2017 it is expected to be between $6,500 and $8,800 plus.


Pre Paid Funerals, Pre Arranged Funeral Plans, Arrangements & Management

Pre Paid Funerals, Pre Arrangement Services

Pre Paid Funerals, Pre Arranged Funeral Plans & Arrangements