A guide to selecting a funeral director.

Reputation and Trust

The best-known and respected funeral businesses have earned their reputation for service and reliability over many years, and will invariably be a member of Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA), enjoying community trust.


When selecting a funeral director on the basis of price, it is vital to understand what the price includes and even more importantly, what it may exclude. Exercise your right to obtain clearly set out quotations, then compare.

User recommendation and personal observation.

Discuss the subject with a friend who has previously used the service of a funeral director.
When attending a funeral, observe the professionalism and support offered by staff, and then the quality of service, facilities and funeral vehicles provided.

“I just want the cheapest funeral possible.
Bury me in a pine box without any fuss.”

Because death and funerals are such emotional issues, people sometimes think it improper to be cost conscious when it comes to funeral costs. They shouldn’t. Nor should they feel uneasy about getting a quote from a funeral director or asking questions about keeping their funeral service costs down.

Funeral costs can be reduced by choosing cremation rather than burial, selecting the lowest price coffin in the range and by limiting available services. Leura Memorial Gardens Funeral Services is able to meet such requirements where needed.

Leura Memorial Gardens Funeral Services reputation for high professional standards does not mean that we cannot provide an inexpensive funeral.