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Our Funeral Costs in the Blue Mountains

The Complex Pricing of Funerals

Planning a funeral is similar to planning a wedding; every choice you make will impact the final cost of the event. For this reason, it is difficult to estimate the cost of any given funeral until all the choices are made. To help you understand what goes into a funeral, we have gathered some major expenses here.

The Professional Service Fee

As a service funeral home, we carry a lot of the expenses for each funeral we host. Our personnel must be on-call at all times, and we give our clients access to our services, facilities, crematory, mortuary, chapel, hearse and mourning car. Each funeral service takes around 30 total hours of labour on our part.


Other Potential Funeral Expenses

One of the most expensive elements of a funeral is the casket, and they vary widely in price. Other expenses include disbursements like press notices, burial or cremation fees, clergy or celebrant fees. These expenses vary widely and contribute to the variance in total funeral costs.

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You have a right to consumer information about funeral services and costs. We have a responsibility to provide it.

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