Prepaid Funeral Plans

Well-Priced Prepaid Funeral Plans in the Blue Mountains

Prepaid Funeral Arrangements

When you prepay for your funeral arrangements with Leura Memorial Gardens, you get more than a set-in-stone funeral plan, you also get peace of mind. Your money will be held in a trust and securely invested through Funeral Plan Management. You can learn more about Funeral Plan Management by visiting their official website.

Benefits of Planning in Advance

Funeral prices have been on the rise for decades. By prepaying for your funeral arrangements, you can rest easy, knowing that your funeral’s price is fixed. After over 25 years in the funeral industry, we believe that the best time to plan a funeral is before it is needed. Let us help you plan your funeral today.


Our Flexible Payment Options

We understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique, so we offer several payment options for our plans, including a lump sum payment or paying in instalments. We also offer pre-arrangement services for those who want to plan in advance without paying in advance. Call today to discuss these options.

We Offer Both Cremation and Burial Services

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