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The Purpose of Memorials

Memorials link generations and celebrate lives that once lived. They connect the past, present and future through precious memories of loved ones now lost. Memorials play a vital role in the grieving process by giving the bereaved a tangible representation of their loved one and a space to remember and reflect on their life.

The Memorials We Provide

At Leura Memorial Gardens, we offer a variety of both traditional and innovative memorial options so that you can celebrate your loved one’s life in the way that suits them best. Our memorials include traditional wall niches, serene garden settings, individual trees and family estates. Get in touch with us to browse our selection.


Beautiful Memorial Gardens

No memorial is complete without a beautiful setting. We set many of our memorials in bronze to keep them in perfect shape for future generations and place them in our unique and serene garden setting. The Blue Mountains are a magnificent and peaceful place. We invite you to make an appointment to explore our gardens.

Our Memorial Consultants Can Help You With The Entire Planning of Your Loved One’s Memorial

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